Kathryn is our master wordsmith. After graduating from UWE Kathryn focused her career on Marketing Communications. Her unique skillset helps her craft captivating campaigns that fit seamlessly into our clients' larger marketing strategy.
5 PPC Audit Hacks

5 PPC Audit Hacks to Maximise Campaign Performance

Google AdWords is an ever-changing world of updates, improvements and new strategies. The reality is that with new updates surfacing almost every month, PPC managers need to stay on top of their campaigns and of the general changes to the AdWords platform itself, otherwise they’ll fall foul of being out-smarted by the competition. Regular (monthly or more) auditing of your campaigns is essential in maintaining strong PPC performance. Here are 5 simple PPC auditing tips to ensure your campaigns are working to their full potential.
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Marketing and EU GDPR Regulation

How EU Regulation Will Transform Data Handling for Marketers

With new EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) legislation having been accepted in April 2016, it’s time for marketers to take action in preparation for the changes which come into full force from 2018.

Affecting businesses that trade within the EU, the new regulation promises better protection of personal and private data by enforcing stricter usage guidelines. For those falling foul of the regulation, fines of up to €20m or 4% of a company’s global revenue are on the cards.

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5 Invaluable PPC Keyword Research Tips

5 Invaluable Keyword Research Tips Revealed

Keyword research (and selection) may, at first sight, seem a straightforward exercise. We all think we know our own businesses well enough to choose exactly the right keywords. Yet there are pitfalls along the way that are continually made by companies large and small, experienced or inexperienced, as they try to promote their online presence.

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Gap Analysis Website Conversion

Using Gap Analysis to Improve Website Conversion

Conversion of website visits to sales – it’s what we all strive for but frequently we can be disappointed with the results. There can be many different reasons but lack of interest can be a major one. Lack of interest can be termed as ‘visitors not being able to find what they want to purchase on a website’, either because it is too difficult to find or because it is not available.

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Leading PPC Agency Award

QliQ Recognised by Google as a Leading Digital Agency

Google has selected QliQ Group to join their exclusive 3-month Elevator Coaching Program lead by esteemed business coach and author Robert Craven.

QliQ Group is delighted to have been included as one of only 30 agencies that were selected from 20,000 to join the program, which is designed to help already fast-growing agencies take their agency skill-set to the next level.

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