‘Tis the Season for Change – Is Your 2017 Marketing Plan Ready?

Preparing your 2017 marketing plan

When boiled down to its essence, holiday gravy is an amalgam of concentrated bits of meat, oil, spice and a thickening agent that holds it all together. The same can be said of your best marketing campaign. With Black Friday just gone and the Christmas holiday spending season looming, fine-tuning your company’s reach is never more paramount than this time of year.

Even if your business isn’t selling to the holiday crowds, this is the time of year when most people and companies are finalising purchases and budgets for their coming fiscal year. If what you offer hasn’t yet been pencilled into their plans for 2017, ‘tis the season to change that.

Whatever your method of reaching your consumer, in the digital world, they all land in precisely the same spot: your website landing page. You may have a dozen landing pages for a dozen different consumers, but at the essence of every effective landing page is an offer. The meat, you might call it.

Maybe it’s a free digital course or webinar, a free download, a free trial. The offer on your landing page is the hook that you will use to pull your customer through your door before you ask them to commit to whatever it is you’re selling. The oil in your landing page is how effectively you funnel your customer to goal – or in the alternative, block the flow. The messaging that makes your landing page compelling and inspiring are the spice. The thickener that holds is all together is your story, your content, your raison d’etre.

Content is a tricky thing. You need just the right amount. Too thick and they won’t be able to swallow it, too thin and they’ll quickly spit it out – which is the last reaction you want your marketing campaign to inspire.

Rethinking who you are, what you offer, how you get them there, and how to spice up the ride for your consumers – be they holiday shoppers or end-of-fiscal-year clients – can be a fun, creative way to re-imagine your digital marketing.

It can mean tweaking your strategy to re-energise your performance for end of year this year. Or more importantly, making preparations now to ensure next year you’ve got the right ingredients to optimise your digital marketing strategy.

So how can you tell if your turkey gravy has been missing the mark in years past? That’s where we come in. QliQ can take the guesswork out of it. No need to guess, if the data can us you what you need to know.

Marketing Planning for 2017 – We’re Here to Help

If you are a new (or even an existing) QliQ client interested in a digital marketing review we can help you formulate a plan for 2017.

We know you’re savvy enough to realise the marketing value of this opportunity, so hopefully we don’t have to sell you on the idea. Simply contact us. A member of our team will contact you to discuss how we might collect your best recipe for digital marketing success and add it to our special recipe box.