BCMS Google AdWords Case Study Image

BCMS Case Study

Project Summary

  • Client: BCMS Corporate Ltd
  • Service Provided: Pay Per Click, Remarketing, Display Ads, SEO
  • Results: 3% conversion rate with a cost per enquiry of £27

Responsible for the successful sale of over five hundred businesses within the last decade, BCMS has remained a world leader in the sale of private business since 1989.

Identifying the need for improvements in its search engine optimisation and Pay Per Click marketing, BCMS came to QliQ for help.

Client Challenges

BCMS needed to better engage with shareholders and owner-managers looking to partially or fully sell their companies. Investment in a brand-new website aided business growth, but more needed to be done to improve online exposure.

An extensive events plan was already in place. While this effectively generated leads and increased brand awareness, little exposure on major search engines for key service related keywords was an identified weakness.

What We Did

With QliQ on board, a strategy for achieving page one position on Google through paid and organic search was created.

We provided full support in both areas, implementing Pay Per Click campaigns that ensured BCMS remained on page 1 of Google for all major search terms. This went hand in hand with an effective search engine optimisation strategy which delivered considerable improvements to organic ranking results.

A banner ad campaign was also put in place to engage with previous website visitors who did not make enquiries on their first visits.

Pay Per Click - What We Achieved

Over 300,000 ad views from prospective buyers and sellers led to almost 10,000 ad interactions. 240 confirmed conversions in the form of event attendees and enquiries led to an excellent conversation rate of over three percent, with an average per lead cost of £54, improving further to £27 in Q1 2017 following ongoing campaign optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation – What We Achieved

With Pay Per Click going strong, results from SEO work continued to mature. Improving ranking for www.bcms.co.uk for over 30 keywords, the website leapt from page 5 to page 1 for eight of its most commercially viable, high competition keywords, including:

  • Business broker
  • Corporate business brokers
  • Business valuation experts
  • European business brokers
BCMS Google AdWords Management
BCMS Google AdWords Results
BCMS Google AdWords Case Study


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Select Timber PPC Case Study Image

Select Timber Case Study

Project Summary

  • Client: Select Timber Construction
  • Service Provided: Pay Per Click, Remarketing, Display Ads
  • Results: 12.4% conversion rate with a cost per enquiry of £8

Founded in 2015, Select Timber Construction (STC) is a family run timber building specialist famous for its high-end oak out-buildings, property extensions, car ports and orangeries.

STC commissioned QliQ in January 2017 to fully manage its Pay Per Click and online marketing efforts.

Client Challenges

With a sleek and aesthetic website featuring a full portfolio of their elegant projects and services, STC’s managing director David Clooney placed digital marketing at the very core of the company’s 2017 growth strategy.

Much needed to be done. With little initial exposure on major search engines, the support of QliQ was essential to crafting and implementing an effective strategy for engaging with new customers online.

What We Did

Website tracking, paid search, display advertising and remarketing were the main areas of work. With comprehensive support provided in these areas STC reached page 1 for their major keywords, rising swiftly above their competition for the most valuable search terms.

Effective website tracking systems were implemented by QliQ at the start of the campaign. These gave STC complete visibility of each individual website visitor, giving invaluable data on browsing behaviour on the website that was the focus of their growth strategy for the year.

Lastly, QliQ produced a bespoke banner ad campaign designed to target previous website visitors that did not make enquiries on their first visit to the STC website.

What We Achieved

Business improved immediately. STC began receiving new quotes and requests from new customers on within hours of campaign launch. By the end of the month over 2,000 ad views resulted in 20 conversions.

The campaign has seen continued success, achieving a conversion rate of 12.4% with an excellent per enquiry cost of £8 – an already low rate that is expected to improve by a further 10% following ongoing PPC campaign optimisation.

Select Timber PPC Management
Select Timber PPC Case Study
Select Timber PPC Results


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NCR PPC Case Study Image

NCR Case Study

Project Summary

  • Client: NCR Corporation
  • Service Provided: Google AdWords Management, Landing Page Design & Remarketing
  • Results: 137 qualified enquires generated to date

Working with famous brands such as YO! Sushi and Burger King and 120,000 other businesses and establishments, NCR Corporation holds the well-earned position of the number one POS solutions provider within the hospitality and restaurant sector.

Client Challenges

Improvements to NCR’s sales pipeline and online presence was the focus of QliQ’s work. Digital marketing in a highly competitive market was a vital aspect of the client’s plans, with lead generation and page one status in paid search results both key objectives.

What We Did

QliQ began work with thorough competitor and keyword analysis. Identifying search volumes and the commercial viability of frequently used keywords provided an accurate understanding of marketplace opportunities.

Once initial research was completed, a bespoke Pay Per Click campaign was created and implemented. Due to the high volume of data collated during this research, a clear and cost-effective strategy for engaging with ‘ready to buy’ prospects was identified.

QliQ’s experienced web design team created a unique lead-generation micro-website containing a contact form, allowing the routing of all Pay Per Click traffic to one easily managed location.

Work was further supported through the creation of a tailored Google AdWords remarketing campaign, ensuring that previous site visitors who did not enquire were offered a product information pack at no cost once contact details were provided.

Lastly, Display Advertising campaigns were launched to specifically target potential buyers based on their past search behaviour.

What We Achieved

The campaigns first quarter saw in excess of two million ad impressions for NCR in addition to over 10,000 site visits.

These impressive results have thus far led to 137 confirmed enquiries from prospective customers seeking quality POS solutions.

QliQ continues to work closely with NCR’s UK marketing team, managing all aspects of their Google AdWords campaign initiatives.

NCR PPC Management
NCR PPC Conversions
NCR PPC Results


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Boldon James PPC Case Study Featured

QinetiQ Case Study

Project Summary

  • Client: Boldon James Ltd (QinetiQ plc)
  • Service Provided: PPC, SEO, Remarketing, Display Ads, Web Design
  • Results: 30% more conversions year on year from PPC activity

Boldon James is a market leader in electronic data classification and secure messaging solutions. Part of the FTSE 250 company and UK plc QinetiQ, the company has worked with notable clients such as IBM, HMRC, Volkswagen and British Telecom.

Client Challenges

Boldon James sought a digital partner that could support them with the development of a new global website and a solid international Pay Per Click strategy. Both the new website and campaigns would be responsible for driving
lead generation efforts in the UK and North America.

QliQ was commissioned to create and put into effect a diverse and powerful Pay Per Click strategy to support the continued growth of Boldon James across international territories.

What We Did

Team QliQ went straight to work, creating an entirely new global website in addition to a complex and effectively international Google AdWords campaign. This work was critical to driving Boldon James’s growth.

In addition to this, we put in place intelligent website tracking systems to monitor user behaviour on the new website. Integrations with systems such as Pardot (Salesforce CRM), Google Tag Manager and Adwords Conversion Tracking were achieved.

What We Achieved

With the brand-new Pay Per Click campaigns in effect, ad relevancy improved immediately for potential customers searching through Google and Bing. Conversion rates improved by almost 30% from the day of launch.

It wasn’t just search, either. Following its successful launch, Boldon James’s new website has seen improvements in customer engagement to the tune of 15%.

The new website boasts a more user-friendly design, allowing customers to intuitively navigate through the menu structure, as well as powerful call-to-action cues within the site content which have helped to provide the improved rates of conversion.

Beyond Pay Per Click and website successes, QliQ also worked their magic with SEO, providing drastic improvements in page ranking for over 30 keywords. Today the Boldon James website ranks on page one of Google for keywords such as ‘data classification software’ and ‘data classification’, alongside the likes of IBM and Microsoft.

Boldon James PPC Management
Boldon James PPC Conversions
Boldon James PPC Results


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Big Green Egg PPC Case Study Featured Image

Big Green Egg Case Study

Project Summary

  • Client: Big Green Egg
  • Service Provided: PPC, Display Advertising, Landing Page Design
  • Results: 5.8% conversion rate and 2400% return on ad spend

Big Green Egg enjoys its status as the leading kamado-styled ceramic barbeque worldwide, selling their products through the company website in addition to reputable retailers such as John Lewis, since the company’s founding in 1974.

Big Green Egg UK came to QliQ for assistance in building their digital presence and brand awareness through the provision of an effective Google AdWords campaign and bespoke microsite.

Client Challenges

Improvements in both retail and direct sales were key. QliQ provided this to Big Green Egg UK through a powerful and precise Pay Per Click campaign, involving the creation of a tailored website with which to convey the strengths of the product and brand to customers shopping in an already crowded and competitive market.

It couldn’t be just any campaign. It was vital that the Pay Per Click work was highly engaging so as to increase brand awareness and tap into unaware potential customers within a specific demographic that was defined by their income and lifestyle.

What We Did

First, the microsite. QliQ’s expert team got to work immediately, creating a suitable single-page, campaign-specific website to engage with new customers. By driving traffic from highly targeted Pay Per Click advertising, interest from new customers was ensured by offering free entry to a competition requiring an exchange of personal information. The winners would be those who submitted the best/wackiest barbecue receipt ideas.

Advertising continued even after the competition entry was complete, ensuring that site visitors would see promotional banner ads relating to the brand story of Big Green Egg. With QliQ managing the full process, a high quality of work was maintained from the creation of HTML5 banner ads through to media buying and ad placement.

Only the most relevant locations for banner advertising were chosen. By targeting relevant and high authority websites such as those dedicated to food-lovers, QliQ ensured the generation of interest (and subsequent purchase) with a tightly defined and appropriate audience.

What We Achieved

The campaign initially suffered from success! So effective was the ad targeting that caps were put in place to ensure an appropriate limit on exposure to potential customers.

With over 1.1 million impressions achieved for Big Green Egg, a fantastic figure of over 3,00 site visitors and a 5.87% conversion rate was achieved.

But that wasn’t all. QliQ was responsible for many other PPC marketing campaigns over a two-year period. These campaigns generated millions of ad impressions and thousands of sales. Combined with the other campaigns managed by QliQ, Big Green Egg achieved a return on ad spend of over 2400%.

Big Green Egg PPC Management
Big Green Egg PPC Conversions
Big Green Egg PPC Results


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Phone Quotes PPC Case Study Image

Phone Quotes Case Study

Project Summary

  • Client: PhoneQuotes
  • Service Provided: Pay Per Click, Remarketing, Web Design
  • Results: 100,000 ad views & £155k worth of leads from PPC activity

PhoneQuotes, known as the GoCompare of business telecoms, commissioned QliQ for an extensive range of work, including a full set of digital marketing campaigns in addition to the design and development of a brand-new website, logo and supplementary brand enhancement pieces with which to improve lead generation.

Client Challenges

A refresh of the company brand was critical. PhoneQuotes identified the need to modernise their image to better reflect their values and vision for the future.

The creation of a mobile friendly price comparison website was also requested, able to provide a range of telephone system quotes to users following the filling of a single website form.

Last but certainly not least, the client required full support in the building of their new brand. This included generation of new online business through a variety of marketing channels aimed at a B2B audience.

What We Did

Through collaborating with PhoneQuote’s in-house team, a refreshed brand identity was crafted for use in the development of the new client website.

Working to a tight schedule, the new bespoke website was launched. This featured a multi-stage enquiry form designed to stimulate new business enquiries via a simple 3-step online quote process.

Focusing on reach and exposure, QliQ subsequently created and implemented an end-to-end digital marketing strategy which incorporated channels such as remarketing, Google AdWords, banner/display adverts, email marketing and SEO.

What We Achieved

Within three months, QliQ’s campaigns reached 100,000 prospective customers through Pay Per Click alone. By connecting the client with business owners and decision makers, an estimated £155,000 in leads was achieved in addition to the significant amount of brand exposure that the campaign generated for PhoneQuotes.

This success has seen PhoneQuotes rise to a prominent position as a leading comparison website for business telecoms services.

PhoneQuotes PPC Management
PhoneQuotes PPC Conversions
PhoneQuotes PPC Results


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