Is PPC and AdWords right for my business?

Is PPC Right for My Business?

Businesses are fortunate to have a wide range of channels available for advertising and reaching their audiences. This is a benefit and a curse! Increasingly, decision makers find themselves unsure of the most appropriate channel to invest in, often resulting in the dreaded ‘paralysis by analysis’, where nothing is actioned.

This article provides an informative list of reasons why paid search (Pay Per Click or PPC) could be ideal for meeting your business growth requirements.
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5 PPC Audit Hacks

5 PPC Audit Hacks to Maximise Campaign Performance

Google AdWords is an ever-changing world of updates, improvements and new strategies. The reality is that with new updates surfacing almost every month, PPC managers need to stay on top of their campaigns and of the general changes to the AdWords platform itself, otherwise they’ll fall foul of being out-smarted by the competition. Regular (monthly or more) auditing of your campaigns is essential in maintaining strong PPC performance. Here are 5 simple PPC auditing tips to ensure your campaigns are working to their full potential.
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